Christine Wilkinson Blanc, MD, MSc

Christine has 22 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry, mostly in oncology/and haematology, covering a wide range of products including targeted therapies, cytotoxic agents, growth factors, monoclonal antibodies and diagnostic and imaging products.

Her core experience is in:

– Clinical research with over 10 years working on R&D projects at Rhone-Poulenc Rorer/Aventis , Roche, Ariad Pharmaceuticals and Antisoma Ltd.

– Medical & Disease Strategy primarily in imaging and diagnostics at Amersham/GE Healthcare (over 4 years)

– Medical Affairs with 4 years of coordinating international oncology programs and developing a structured medical organisation in emerging markets at Rhone-Poulenc Rorer/Aventis and several years in national roles in France (Roche) and the UK (GSK).

Clinical Research

Christine has been involved in the planning, conducting and reporting of over 30 phase I (single agents and combinations of drugs), II ,III  or IV trials in patients with solid and haematological tumours worldwide. She has an extensive experience of regulatory documents including PIPs, IMPDs, licence renewals (Plavix) , orphan drug dossiers (imatumumab in Europe) , and moreover new drug applications (ISE, ISS, clinical overview ) with several successful submissions e.g.Taxotere, Campto and Avastin (lung cancer).

Her experience includes all aspects of clinical research with efficient collaboration with internal and external partners such as clinical operations, biometrics and data management, drug safety, pharmacoeconomy, pharmacodynamics & pharmacokinetics etc.

Medical and Disease Strategy

Christine’s experience included giving strategic medical and scientific directions to marketing (downstream) and research and development (upstream) teams and contributing to the definition of development, registration and commercialisation strategies for oncology/haematology drugs  and for products in the imaging and diagnostic arenas. She has assessed  in-licensing opportunities (GE Healthcare) and contributed to offering memos (Ariad). This has included the medical/scientific evaluation of new molecular entities and techniques (over a 100 at GE Healthcare)  and recommendations on their medical perspectives.

International Medical Affairs

She has an extensive experience of European and emerging markets and has efficiently worked with affiliate organizations , lead local and regional medical development plans and contributed to marketing strategies. She has a strong awareness of local and regional epidemiology and treatment paradigms of key cancers, and can valuably assess medical needs and prioritize clinical indications within an oncology portfolio. A major success was to contribute in setting a structured medical organisation in emerging markets and building its knowledge of oncology and clinical development.

Christine has trained as a specialised physician in the Onco-Haematology, Immunology and biology departments of the University Hospital of Lille in France; she also has a Master of Sciences in Immunology.